Updates to NC Unemployment Released

In anticipation of employee layoffs, Governor Cooper announced that North Carolina is waiving requirements typical for unemployment benefits. Under his new Executive Order, changes to the unemployment process include:
  1. Removing the one-week waiting period typically required before someone can apply for benefits.
  2. Those unemployed and seeking benefits will not be required to look for additional work during the outbreak.
  3. Employees who lose their job, or in certain cases have their hours reduced, because of COVID-19 are eligible to apply for benefits.
  4. Applicants can (and are encouraged to) apply online or by phone.
  5. Employers with employees seeking benefits during the outbreak will not have losses counted against them.
Federal help for employers and employees is expected. We will circulate an update as soon as information is released.


if you have any questions about legal issues that might arise in connection with unemployment benefits in response to Coronavirus, contact Nicole Gardner .