Diversity & Inclusion

We're all
in this together.

No one should feel “less than” in a law office – or anywhere – because of their race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, national origin, citizenship, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation or veteran status.

No one should feel that they can’t wear their natural hair, that they shouldn’t reveal their disability, or that they need to hide the gender of their significant other. That goes not just for the people who work here, but also for the clients who trust us to be their advocates and advisors.

Diversity makes us better and stronger. When you feel safe and know you belong, you are free to bring the real you to work, and we can bring the real “we” to everything we do. Gardner Skelton believes in the real power of the real “we.”

Partnering with Law Schools and Organizations Supporting Diversity

We were in law school once, too, and needed help getting into the field. To support other aspiring lawyers on their career journey, we've offered workshops on writing cover letters, working at a smaller firm, transitioning into life after law school, joining the legal community, and more through diversity organizations at partner law schools. Interested in having a Gardner Skelton lawyer help your school’s aspiring lawyers?  Contact our Practice Manager, Robin Griffith, below.