Alternative Fee Arrangements

Businesses and individuals rely on us to understand their legal needs and deliver cost-effective solutions. For certain types of legal work, an alternative fee arrangement - that is, a payment structure not based on traditional hourly rates - may be a better fit for your needs. Benefits include predictable costs and certainty in budgeting, plus freedom on both sides to “turn off the meter” and get the job done.

Monthly Flat Fee

A flat fee structure can provide excellent value and cost consistency for your organization's recurring legal needs. You decide what legal services you need and pay an agreed-upon fixed fee for that work.

This arrangement works well for:
  • Providing regular and routine legal support to quality management, risk management, and/or human resources professionals
  • Reviewing, negotiating and finalizing vendor agreements
  • Outside general counsel – a lawyer to support your senior leaders and/or board of directors and direct the work of other outside counsel
  • Outsourced legal department – the whole Gardner Skelton team functions as an extension of your organization and provides the services of an in-house legal department
  • Other routine legal tasks that may be common for your organization

Flat Fee Per Project

A flat fee per project is ideal for large organizations that have a significant volume of certain types of work that otherwise bog them down internally. We take this work off your plate for an affordable flat fee, so you can free up your in-house attorneys for more strategic work.

Examples of such arrangements include:
  • Responding to subpoenas
  • Responses to EEO charges
  • Routine contract negotiations and approvals
Project fees can also be useful for a variety of one-time projects, including:
  • Incorporating a new business
  • Drafting or revising bylaws
  • Drafting or revising an employee handbook
  • Manager, senior leader, and workforce training
Not sure which is right for you?
If you’d like to learn more about whether an alternative fee arrangement is a good fit for your legal needs, contact your regular Gardner Skelton attorney or call to set up a meeting.